co-design (ˌkəʊdɪˈzaɪn): involving stakeholders as partners in the design process, to ensure they feel valued and that the design meets their needs.

Why co-design?

Product development and marketing have often been considered in isolation. We believe they’re better together.

We help you build a loyal community of early adopters and brand evangelists by involving your customers in the design process. Their continual involvement ensures that your development resources always remain focussed on real customer needs. We ensure you never build something that won’t be used.

How do we work?

We support your product development, marketing, sales and support departments. By working across your organisation, we maximise the benefits of each customer interaction.

We ensure that every sales call becomes a valuable source of customer insights, and every research activity boosts support for your brand.

How can we help you?

Our expert consultants help you to get the most out of key research activities, such as:

group co-design sessions

where participants describe, draw and make prototypes of their ideal solutions

fun online “surveys” 

to find out which product features are most important to different types of customer

in-depth interviews

to understand the context your product is used in, and let your customers feel listened to

data analysis

to reveal business opportunities and ensure your customers get the best experience

rapid prototyping

to quickly and cheaply test a concept and get genuine insights

user testing

observe how customers really interact with a prototype, product or service

We focus on strategic consultancy and training, but can also offer a wide range of customer research, customer engagement and marketing services, to complement the skills of your team.

Research that deliver results

boosts customer

let your customers
feel listened to

cuts development

focus your efforts on the features
that matter most

increases profit

because satisfied customers don’t
switch to cheaper competitors

increases sales

pinpoint what makes
customers buy

Why do we do it?

Our purpose is to tackle climate change. That’s why we like to work with clients and projects that want to make a positive impact on environmental sustainability. We believe that the most valuable contribution we can make is to help make green projects successful, through great research and design.

We are driven by values, not by profit.

What are your challenges?

Every company is different. We’d love the opportunity to cast a fresh pair of eyes over the challenges you’re tackling. Fill in your details below and we’ll be in touch to give you a free 20 minute telephone consultation.
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